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Meet ABE Accounting

What Makes Us a Leading Accountant


Who is the face behind ABE Accounting? Meet the founder herself,

Ashland Blankenship English. 

Hello everyone! I started ABE Accounting in 2022 with the goal and

purpose to help anyone who needed financial and accounting services

- no matter the situation.

I have worked in public and private accounting for four years and 

became a Certified Public Accountant in 2019.

It has been my passion to help individuals, families, businesses, and so

many more people feel confident when filing taxes, starting a business,

navigating changing seasons of life, and so many more opportunities by

providing them financial consulting, catered tax services, efficient and

thorough bookkeeping, and so many more services!


I pride myself on creating a safe space where individuals feel

comfortable to express their concerns in financial reporting, where I in

return, can take those concerns and turn them into confident financial

reporting and solutions to complicated tax issues.

Let ABE Accounting be the last "accountant" you search for. Let me help

you, your business, and your family feel confident when it comes to all

things accounting.

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